Drinking Kava

What is Noble Kava?

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“Vanuatu Borogu Kava is a
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Is Noble Kava safe to drink?

Noble kava is a type of kava that is considered safe to drink, in other words – the best kava. Notably, it’s a specific variety of kava plant that has been cultivated for centuries. Because it’s been cultivated for so long, it has been carefully monitored and tested for toxicity by many generations of farmers and scientists. Subsequently, they have found no evidence that noble kava is dangerous in any way. In fact, it may even have some health benefits when consumed responsibly.

Non-noble kava is often referred to as Two day or “Tu-Dei” kava. It is unsafe to drink and is traditionally used for custom medicines. However, it has a quicker yield and is often mixed in or replaced with traditional kava by kava farmers.

How Does Noble Kava Differ from Tu-Dei Kava varieties?

The main difference between noble and Tu- Dei kavas is their chemical makeup. Tu-Dei kava’s contain high levels of certain compounds called phytochemicals. For example – yangonin, dihydrokavain (DHK), and methysticin. These are thought to cause negative side effects like nausea or vomiting if consumed in high doses or over time. Moreover, this applies to both regular consumers, not just newcomers.

Noble kavas don’t contain these compounds at all. Instead, they’re made up mostly of a substance called dihydrokavain-acetate and Kavian lactone. They are safe to drink and don’t cause nausea.

Where is Noble Kava found?

It is found in Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, and Hawaii.

Where are Tu-Dei kava varieties found?

Tu-Dei kava varieties are found in Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea.

Vanuatu is very strict on not allowing export of Tu-Dai kava varieties as it can damage kava’s reputation. Recently they destroyed an export order that was tu-dei kava kava valued at USD$54,000. Read about it HERE.

How can I tell the difference between Noble Kava and Tu-Dei Kava?

When buying kava there is only one way to be sure that you are not buying Tu-Dei kava. Every kava vendor that sells kava from countries that have Tu-Dei kava should display certification for their products. That is, when they sell kava from Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea

Under the Australian governments Phase 2 Kava trial, there is no requirement for importers and vendors to import only noble kava. Therefore, you must check out your vendor and their products. Reason being – to see if your vendor displays certification from the relevant government department of the kava’s country of origin. As a result, you will be able to determine with certainty that you are (hopefully) not buying Tu-Dei kava.

A great example of this is Australia Kava Shop Certification page found HERE.