Drinking Kava

How to Prepare kava

Kava is a plant that grows in the South Pacific Islands. People have been preparing kava for centuries. Kava was traditionally prepared in a large shell with coconut or water. This article will teach you how to prepare kava from the traditional method as well as a more contemporary process.

How to Prepare Kava - The traditional method

Kava is traditionally prepared with water in a large bowl called a “Tanoa,” and shared among friends or family members. The kava is mixed with water and strained through a cloth strainer into individual serving cups, which are then passed around for each person to drink from.

To prepare kava for yourself, you will need:

Kava Shell

How to Prepare Kava using the blender/food processor method

Mixing kava powder with cold water and a blender is one of the easiest ways to enjoy this beverage. It is also thought the extra agitation during the blending process makes for a stronger kava brew!

You will need the following:

Blending Kava

Different strength kava and Getting in your kava groove

The amount of Kava to water used in the above examples are for preparing kava to a Vanuatu strength. Adjust the kava to water ratios dependent on the strength you prefer. If you want to discover more about preparation methods, go to this site where they’ll even discuss preparing kava for Kava Cocktails and Smoothies!

Preparing kava is culturally considered part of the relaxing kava process. Put on some relaxing music and let it play in the background for the 10 minutes squeezing time.

We like to put this tune from Kava Cypher on and let it run twice over during the squeezing process!