Drinking Kava

Drinking Kava in Europe

The Kava Culture in Europe: Is Kava Popular?

Yes, drinking kava in Europe and the UK is becoming increasingly popular. However, the legal status of Kava varies from country to country.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You can’t buy kava from just any store, because some countries have banned kava for various reasons. For example, Germany has banned kava due to concerns about liver damage (although these concerns have been refuted by some studies).
  2. If you’re looking for kava drinks in Europe or the UK, you’ll probably need to go to a specialty shop or order online. Because you won’t find them next to the Coca-Cola in your local grocery store.
Kava Plants

Where Can You Buy Kava in Europe?

As far as drinking kava in Europe goes, there are so many different ways to buy kava in Europe. As such, this can make it difficult to know where to start! So, we’ve put together a list of the most common locations where you can find this plant-based beverage:

  1. Pharmacies: Pharmacies are often the best place to buy kava because they offer great customer service, as well as competitive prices. The staff members at these stores have been trained to provide information about how best to use kava. That’s so they can help you make an informed decision about which product is right for your needs.
  2. Health food stores: There are many health-conscious people in Europe who enjoy drinking this beverage regularly. Hence the reason that health food stores often carry it on their shelves. These locations are also very convenient because the kava is usually displayed near other items like vitamins and supplements. Therefore, this may be helpful if you’re looking for something more natural than prescribed medications like antidepressants or antihistamines.
  3. Online specialist retailers. They are few and far between, but reputable online kava vendors include:

Kava Europe are based in Poland and sell Kava roots and ground Kava powder. Their kava comes from the New Zealand Kava Society group and is certified. All their kava is strictly controlled in their Polish warehouse.

Kava Club and an Ireland-based vendor. They sell a range of Instant kava, Fiji Waka and Solomon Islands kava.

Is Kava Legal in Europe and the UK?

The best way to view this is on a country by country basis

The United Kingdom

UK Flag

Kava is legal to import and possess in the UK, but it is illegal to sell or consume it for human consumption. You can only order kava if you plan on using it with animals.

We don’t recommend ordering kava if you live here. If you do decide to order anyway, make sure that the seller lists “not for human consumption” on their labels. That way, they don’t get into any trouble with customs officials.


France Flag

Kava is legal to import and possess in France, but can only be sold if registered with French authorities. This is a very similar law to Canada — where only the sellers of the herb are regulated.

There are very few problems reported by French customers ordering kava from suppliers in the United States or from other European countries.


Germany Flag

The initial banning of kava that started in 2002 originated in Germany. The plant was believed to cause irreversible liver damage, prompting the German government to propose banning the herb throughout the European Union. Consequently, this resulted in a global ban on the herb that lasted a couple of years.

However, after four years, the ban was lifted. This was In part due to members of the scientific community disputing the original research that suggested kava was dangerous. Another key driver of this change was due to a push from Pacific islands like Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu to overturn this ruling. Their reasoning was that the ban instigated was based on insufficient evidence. These disputes were all brought to the World Trade Organization, prompting Germany, and most EU-members to overturn the ban on kava in 2006.

Bottom Line: Kava is legal to import and possess in Germany.


Ireland Flag

It is legal to buy kava in Ireland. You can order the herb online as long as it’s in personal amounts (no wholesale orders allowed without registering with Irish officials).

You aren’t likely to find kava products locally in Ireland but should have no problem ordering it from companies located where kava is legal to sell online — such as the United States or Germany.



Poland was one of the last European countries to update kava laws after the ban. Kava was explicitly illegal in Poland until 2018. Since this time, new laws allow the importation and consumption of kava. However, it still remains illegal to sell kava in local shops for the purposes of human consumption.


Switzerland Flag

Switzerland is a country that has a relatively relaxed stance on kava. In a similar fashion to Canada and France, kava can be purchased in local shops and online in Switzerland. Most people order the herb from suppliers in the United States and the EU and have it shipped directly to their address.

For a more extensive list of ALL EU countries, check this LINK

To Buy Kava Safely and Effectively in Europe, Buy Kava From Kava Experts

You should only buy kava from a trusted source because there are many fake products out there that could harm your health. You can find out if the company selling kava is reliable by searching online reviews or asking friends who have used their products before.

Before You Buy Kava, Make Sure The Product is Legal in Your Country

You should also make sure that the product is legal in your country before buying it because some countries ban certain types of kava due to safety concerns. For instance, Germany doesn’t allow any type of kava extract being sold within its borders. On the other hand, Germany does allow powder-based extracts like root powders or leaves without any restrictions whatsoever